Available Courses

Master (MSc) in Public Health (General information)
Master (MSc) in Public Health - International Health (MPH-IH)
Master (MSc) in Public Health - orientation Health Systems and Disease Control (MPH-HSDC)
Master (MSc) in Public Health orientation Tropical Medicine and International Health (MPH-TMIH)
Master of Science in Tropical Animal Health (MSTAH)
Médecine Tropicale pour Bachelors en Soins Infirmiers et Sages-femmes (TMED)
Postgraduate Certificate in Tropical Medicine and International Health (TMIH)
Tropical Medicine for Bachelors in Nursing and Midwifery (TMED)
Short Courses
Biomedical Sciences
Molecular Data for Infectious Diseases (MID)
Clinical Sciences
Clinical Decision-Making for Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis (DR TB)
Fundamentals of clinical studies: GCP & beyond (GCP)
Hospital-based Interventions to Contain Antibiotic Resistance in Low-resource Settings (AIM)
Short Course in Clinical Research and Evidence-Based Medicine (SCREM)
Tropical Medicine and Clinical Decision Making (TMCDM)
Public Health
Analyse Multivariée (AMV)
Health Policy (POL)
Introduction to International Health (IIH)
Management Stratégique des Systèmes de Santé (MAN)
Planning & Management of Reproductive Health Programmes (RH)
Planning & Management of Tropical Disease Control Programmes (TD)
Planning et Management de Programmes de Contrôle de Maladies Tropicales (TD)
Planning et Management de Programmes de Santé de la Reproduction (RH)
Politiques de santé (HP)
Qualitative and Mixed Methods in International Health Research (QMM)
Strategic Management of Health Systems (MAN)
Collaborative Short Courses
European Course in Tropical Epidemiology
SORT IT Neglected Tropical Diseases
Hiv: zorg en preventie - de multidisciplinaire aanpak